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Save Money - Grow Your Tucker

There's something really satisfying about growing your own tucker - fruit and veg.

There's a real sense of achievement at a whole lot different points...

Sowing seeds - when they germinate and leaves appearTaking cuttings - when they take rootSeeing them grow to maturity - you've tended these babiesHarvesting - its like finding little surprises, finding treasurePreparing - holding the fruits of your labourCooking - ways to use your produceEating - enjoying the ultimate...this is what the all the work is forGlut - preserved to enjoy at a later dateSurplus - giving away to family and friends ***** Dry compost dug straight into garden, peels etcSaving seed and start all over again ***** Save grocery moneySuperior taste than a lot of store bought fruit and vegeYou can ditch a lot of chemicals because you're in control of the growing process Learn patience while tending/ nurturing your food ***** It all comes together in the end

It doesn't take much to do little thi…

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